Active Data Exchange Services

Reach an entire market individually, with interactive technologies that use the established telecom networks to engage consumers with a whole range of brand activation services

With 48 million, and growing, mobile users in South Africa alone, there is a huge opportunity to reach consumers through telecommunications. By using the channels of IVR, SMS, USSD and MOBI, MediaWorx, a division of Cognition, offers a host of technologies that allow you to interact with the individual on a mass scale, access the massive flow of consumer response and manage the resulting database to increase your brand's presence in the market by building on the relationship established.

MediaWorx runs on the established Cognition infrastructure. This Main Board JSE listed company has a proprietary technology platform with innovative systems that offer swift and rock solid performance.

MediaWorx is a Wireless Application Service Provider (”WASP”).

Our Portfolio of Active Data Exchange Services

SMS (Short Message Service)

  • SMS In:
    For competition and subscription services, uses short-code KEYWORD
  • SMS Out:
    Bulk message-pushing to a database of numbers from a central point, for one-to-one marketing.
  • SMS-Revolutions:
    A web-based client interface, where you can set up, manage and send bulk messages to the database at your leisure with a credit top-up account.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • IVR:
    Ideal for competition and information lines, the Interactive Voice Response provides an automated attendant to reduce costs and improve customer service. We have an in-house professional recording studio for your IVR voice artist to reduce both turnaround time and admin.
  • Dicon:
    If you have a call centre, let it generate money for you by connecting to your main hunting number. This is offered to clients who supply telephonic support and are now able to earn a share of the revenue paid out by networks.
  • Fax-on-Demand:
    Let your fax machine be an information gatherer as and when you need it. Speak to a consultant about using this simple and easy to use service.

  • Vmail :
    One-on-One marketing for a wide audience on an alternative channel of contact, with bulk email sending with less networking costs.

  • Mobi Sites :
    For a far more interactive experience, we develop and host online websites for mobile handsets.
  • Web Design::
    For those fancy-phone users and PC access, full website development.
  • Hosting:
    For efficiency and cost effectiveness, we provide hosting for all online elements we develop.

  • Prize Centre:
    Secure storage, swift processing and sure delivery of customer’s prize through our prize centre facilities.
  • Winner Validation:
    A checking system for customer details, data and campaign parameters to ensure complete verification.
    Pick a winner independently audited prize selections and management system.
Call Centre

  • Call Centre:
    Our Call Centre Services are offered to assist your clients and consumers should they be having difficulty entering a competition, downloading airtime or wanting to track the delivery of a prize.
USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

  • USSD:
    Set up an open chat session with the consumer on their mobile, to run competitions, ask questions and engage more substantially.
Bespoke Services

  • Bespoke Services:
    We are proud of the fact that we are able to offer all the above services, but should there be a service that you need and can’t find in our offering, please chat to your consultant about us developing these services for you.

Active Data Exchange Services Provide a Broad Range of Services For Any Business

MediaWorx Africa

MediaWorx Africa, a sub-division of MediaWorx, has a presence in 38 countries in Africa and has long-standing contractual relationships with over 95 mobile networks in those countries.

This division has successfully hosted a number of campaigns for blue chip companies including DSTV Africa (Big Brother series 1-9), Distell, Clere, Sybase and blue chip mobile device manufacturers.

In addition, this division has managed mobile surveys for a range of research companies in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.

MediaWorx is one of the few companies that has operated successfully in Africa over the large footprint of networks on a consistent basis. Our formula, developed for Africa, promises good growth and we will continue to add countries to our portfolio.