Cognition Insights

COGNTION INSIGHTS is a division of COGNITION HOLDINGS LIMITED and offers a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative market research solutions and information-gathering through its various units within the company as well as associates outside the company. This division offers the following:

Product Offering

MyPoint Panel

MyPoint's foundation is built on providing a reliable vehicle for Cognition clients and South African decision-makers to do targeted marketing and market research through the use of a well monitored and validated sample of panelists who will be representative of the South African population.

MyPoint is a managed community that has explicitly agreed (POPI "opt-in" compliant) to take part in a variety of surveys, competitions, product launches, games and other regular activities and small tasks that form part of their daily activities. In exchange they receive gratuity points that can be converted to a wide range of rewards, benefits and initiatives.

Research Companies and Clients will be able to use MyPoint for:

  • Surveys.
  • Mystery shopping, geolocation activities, etc.
  • Gamification.
  • Reading of emails (i.e. product launches).
  • Viewing of YouTube videos / Ads (more engagement happens here than any other Social Media).
  • Social Media Activities (likes, comment-type interaction to gain organic traffic).
  • Downloading Apps to their Smartphone (where it will be easier for us to do push-marketing).

Clients will be allocated login/s to access the platform.

Accessing the system allows the Client to be able to perform the following actions:

  • Sample selecting using Profiling filters with the aid of our Sampling and LSM Calculators.
  • Viewing their current and past surveys.
  • Response rate on surveys.
  • Mapping geolocation (where possible) of respondents.
  • Accessing reports / graphs.
  • The ability to perform further cross-tabulations.
  • Partial data view when they are participating in an OMNIBUS type survey relevant to their own questions (unless sharing of data is agreed by all).

Research Companies and Clients will be able to select samples according to the profiling information that will be collected, it first starts with Registration:

  • First Name.
  • Surname.
  • DOB / Age.
  • Gender.
  • Location - Country/Province/Suburb-Post Code.
  • Cell Number (verification sent for POPI compliance).
  • Email Address (verification sent for POPI compliance).
  • Population Group.
  • Income Range.

Phase 2 of Registration will collect this information:

  • Marital status.
  • Number of children.
  • Language - Home and Other.
  • Work status.
  • Home status (type of home living in).
  • Number of people living in their home.
  • What they have in their homes (i.e. appliances, electronics, etc) - this will be in line with LSM variables that calculate which LSM category they fall within using our LSM Calculator.

Community Builds

Community Builds are an interactive relationship-building programme established to aid the interaction between a company and a sample of their existing and potential customers through involved participation and membership to a Community. It consists of a group of carefully selected customers within a Company's target market, who have agreed to become part of a formalized, ongoing dialogue/relationship between themselves and that Company. It is an interactive programme designed to establish a direct and long-lasting channel of communication, resulting in a clear relationship.

Community Builds could be presented to almost any company that is serious about understanding their market place whose focus is to strengthen relationships with all their customers as a result of this understanding.

Developing a Community turns the raw data already collected into meaningful information with context (Step 2 in the diagram below).

Knowledge 350° is a roadmap that enables a client to make the transition from "segmented marketing" to "one-to-one" marketing which initially starts with the data collected from Clients Lists or Call to Action Campaigns (MediaWorx) and will end up building singular granular views of each customer.

The purpose of this Community (and opt-in database) would be to understand who their customers are through a series of profiling exercises in order to be able to interact (and promote) relevant to their likes, interests, demographics and psychographics.

The steps involved in establishing a Community can be defined as follows:

  • Data Clean-up.
  • Back-end set-up for Community and Client Interface.
  • Set-up call-to-action registration invites.
  • Profiling Survey Set-Up.
  • Survey Deployment.
  • Post campaign report.
  • Results of Surveys.
  • Repeat.

Market Research

COGNTION INSIGHTS offers a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative market research services that deliver actionable solutions. This includes all or any one of the following services:

  • Questionnaire Design for personal interviews and/or self-completion as well as for CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) compatibility for telephonic interviews taking advantage of Skip Logic.
  • Piloting of questionnaires to test for understanding (of both respondent and interviewer), flow, appropriateness and timing.
  • Field recruitment, field briefing for personal and telephonic interviews and in-house research and validation training.
  • Management and monitoring of field.
  • Collation and back-checking of questionnaires.
  • Data Processing – Coding and Capturing of questionnaires and/or programmatic scripts.
  • Fieldwork - The research methodologies used by COGNTION INSIGHTS include:
    • Face-to-face interviewing (in-depth, random and executive level).
    • Telephonic validations (via our Call Centre).
    • Telephonic interviews (via our Call Centre).
    • Internet Surveys.
    • Focus Groups.
    • Desk research.
    • Mystery shopping.
    • Observation research.
  • Analysis and Management Report that can include graphic and perceptual mapping analysis and displays of marketing information.
  • Presentation Design and presentation to client.

Omnibus / Syndicated Studies

An Omnibus Study is where data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview using quantitative methods. Usually, a number of research clients and users will be invited to provide questions for the survey (paying to 'get on the omnibus'), while sharing common demographic data collected from each respondent.

A Syndicated Study is quantitative research that is usually conducted and funded by a market research company with the results being made available to the open market for anyone who wishes to purchase it.

The advantages to the research client / users include cost savings (because the sampling and screening costs are shared across multiple clients) and timing (because omnibus and syndicated samples are large and interviewing is generally ongoing).

Both studies generally use a specific sample that is representative of the population (of that subject or industry) and can be conducted either by CATI, CAPI or WEB.